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Holiday Hair 2012

12 Dec

Holiday Hair 

Holiday times are here again! Going to a party, a family event, or just want to spruce up your look?  We’ve attached 3 videos from Bumble and bumble to help make your holiday hair easier – or try some new tricks you haven’t done before.  We have suggested some products with each video to help you out.

Textured Updo

Recommended Products:

-Bb – Texture, Surf Spray and Does It All

-Aquage – Up All Night, Sea Salt Spray, and Finishing Spray

-O & M – Atonic Thickening Spray, Surf Bomb, and Original Queenie

50’s Pony

Recommended Products:

-Bb – Thickening Spray, Surf Spray, Styling Cream, and Does It All

-Aquage – Up All Night, Sea Salt Spray, Working Spray, Gelade, and Finishing Spray

-O & M – Atonic, Rootalicious, Frizzy Logic, and Original Queenie

Textured Waves

Recommended Products:

-Bb – Texture, Shine Spray, and Grooming Cream

-Aquage – Sea Salt Spray, Volumizing Treatment, and Beyond Shine

-O & M – Atonic, Surf Bomb, Frizzy Logic, K Gravel

Written by Mira Stylists Ashley Nicholson Rudisill and Tiffany O’Brien

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