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Mira Education – Styling II NYC

6 Nov

Joanna, Jackie, and Heather ventured to NYC for Bumble and bumble Styling II: Runway – Perfect Pointail with a Chignon and a Double French Twist

Here’s Joanna’s summary of her experience: “Class was amazing! Amazingly awesome, amazingly hard. My eye for detail is stronger and sharper. My knowledge of and ability to use Bb products is greater – I used products in ways I never imagined –> ‘Holding spray as a structure product? What?’ We spent hours upon hours practicing new techniques for foundation work and the construction of updos. I felt awkward and bumbly at first, by Wednesday I felt more adventurous!”

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What is Yoga?

1 Nov

Yoga: To Unite

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.  Ideas, language even the phrase each other doesn’t make any sense.” -By Rumi


Yoga is a sanskrit word which means to “unite.” For me yoga has been just that.  When I started practicing Yoga, now over 10 years ago, I had no idea how it would change my life and affect every part of my being.

Yoga continues to teach me, guide me, and open and unite my heart and mind.  How does it do this you wonder?  When I practice, I feel a connection with my heart and my mind, which creates a strong correlation between the calming of the mind as my heart starts to take over. I feel the flow as my body moves with grace and ease.  I am calm and centered.  When I teach, I have a deep sense of connection with everyone. I enter a very familiar place, with a sense of comfort, much like I do with my family or close friends.  I feel love, openness and expansion.

Sometimes this overwhelms me, to feel this connected, to care this much about people I have never met.  It actually scares me sometimes, but then I remember this is what it is suppose to feel like.  This is Love.  Every time I teach I am so grateful for the people that partake in this journey with me.  They too are searching for deeper meaning, have a longing for that connection, or are doing something to take care of themselves.

This is what Yoga has been for me.  There are so many paths and ways to feel that connection to yourself and others, so by no means am I saying that this is the only way or that people must do Yoga.  However, it has been an instrumental tool for remembering who I am, how closely connected we all are to one another, and just how important it is to remember this vital connection. Thus, I want to share my experience with you.

The more technical way Yoga works is not much different than how a river runs. You can probably relate to feelings of happiness, exhaustion, anxiousness, depression, and even sickness. When there is tree and rock debris that backs up a river, the river has to find an alternate route or it becomes backed up.  That is how the energy in our body works.

Through observation, deep study, and scientific knowledge, the ancient gurus studied how the body responded to the asanas, or poses, that we have come to call Yoga.  These asanas help to cleanse our bodies of debris and toxicity that have built up in our system.  It causes awareness to correct alignment issues which then allows the river to flow naturally again.

Yoga is a tool much like anything we use to attain greater understanding of our higher self and the deeper parts of our being. It is a tool and an instrument for healing, awareness, restoring balance, realization, and ultimately enlightenment. In ancient times, people would come to their guru and tell him what was occurring in their mind, body, or spirit.  The guru would then give the person a series of poses, send them home, and they would practice.

Yoga is amazing in the way that no matter what is going on, it will find its way to the root or heart of the matter, work to heal and free it, and you will experience greater joy, love, and openness.  This is why when people begin to practice Yoga, they may start to experience an old injury, discomfort, or unease in their body and mind as it is coming to the surface to be healed.  People practice Yoga to grow a deeper understanding of one’s self and one’s past or present struggles.  With this new understanding, people begin to feel more relaxed and have more energy.

If you were once in a place where you were unable to properly deal with your emotions or the time wasn’t taken to adequately heal from an injury or repetitive use, Yoga will find it and help you heal, realign, make peace and then you will have a greater understanding. We all know what it is like to do a repetitive movement over and over again.  Whether it be through sports, sitting at a desk and typing all day, constantly raising your arms above your shoulders to perform laborious tasks, or analyzing the same thoughts over and over about life or yourself.  Yoga helps to restore balance through self awareness because our body movements and behaviors are reflective of our thoughts.

It takes a lot of courage to seek a deeper and higher level of existence for you.  But you can do it. We all have the tools to heal, to make ourselves happy, and to be safe to be who we truly are. We are all here to experience love and sometimes pain is a part of that.  I am not talking about the pain that is destructive, pain which causes destruction to us and others.  This is our pain that we must take responsibility for, deal with and heal on our own. As you work through your pain, especially in your most difficult moments, remember that everyone and everything has a right to exist, including you.

I invite you to try something new.  Try a Yoga class, get a massage, or take some quiet time for yourself with a soothing bath or a nature walk.  Let yourself be healed, loved, and understood. Connect and unite your heart and mind.  See what you can discover about yourself and others.  We are all a part of this journey together – it’s just about realizing that this really unites our hearts.







-Written by Mira Stylist, Jamie Jackson