Taking the First Steps for Your Baby

10 May

We believe children are a gift from God. Very great responsibility comes with raising and nourishing a child, and it starts no later than pregnancy! Nourishing a child in the womb is very important, and a mother needs to be mindful about what she eats and drinks. Choosing a good prenatal vitamin is a good place to start, because women don’t always get the supplements they need from the foods they eat.

A good prenatal vitamin should contain 400-800 milligrams of folic acid. Folic acid is very important during pregnancy (it is even wise to take it if you are not pregnant but might become pregnant) for the healthy development of the child’s nervous system. A good prenatal vitamin should also contain calcium, iron, vitamin C, zinc, copper, vitamin b-6, and vitamin D.

A pregnant woman must also be precautious towards any medicine she takes during pregnancy, whether it be aspirin, cold medicine, allergy medicine, etc. The FDA has created categories in regards to the potential risk of a medicine to an unborn baby. Category A is the safest, progressing to category B, C, D, and X. The use of any medication should be avoided throughout the duration of the pregnancy as much as possible, especially the first trimester. If a pregnant woman does need medication, she should most definitely call her doctor to see what she/he recommend. Most medications that a doctor will prescribe are a category B or C. Pitocin, a synthetic form of oxytocin, is a drug often used in the delivery room in either induce or speed up labor contractions. There has been much controversy surrounding this drug, which is a category X drug, the worst category of drugs for pregnant women.

Some women may choose the natural route for remedies for sickness during pregnancy. Natural remedies can be an excellent, pure, and healthy choice, but you must also be careful and do your research and ask advice, because even natural remedies can be very powerful and you want to use them wisely!

Being knowledgeable about diet, supplements, and medication is so important during pregnancy – there is a tiny life growing inside you! Give your baby the most loving head start in life that you possibly can! We do love those babies J

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Written by Mira Stylist Assistants Tiffany Arndt and Hannah Sempsrott


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