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Yoga and Ritual

27 Apr

Our very own Jamie Jackson will be instructing a class blending yoga and ritual practices to help you find your sacred place. Sign up today to reserve your spot! Click the link below to view the flyer.

Yoga and Ritual


Dancing with the Celebrities

24 Apr

Be sure to book your appointments for this Saturday, April 28th to benefit this worthy cause!

Mira Education – Bumble Styling I

19 Apr

This past weekend, Heather, Ashley, and Cathleen headed up to Chicago to take the Bumble and bumble Styling I Class. The focus of the two-day class was to perfect the round and flat brush blow dry.  The stylists learned that it is technique, not a trend, which transcends all aspects of hairdressing.  Each day, the stylists practiced their skills on two models. They spent two hours on each model practicing blow drying using techniques they acquired from the class to achieve the desired blow dry styles using the proper products, a brush, and a blow dryer – no flat irons or curling irons were used. The Mira stylists came away learning a lot from the class ( in addition to sore arms), and they cannot wait to put their newfound knowledge to work!

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Project Middle Way 2012

10 Apr

On March 24, 2012, Bloomington High School North hosted a new event called Project Middle Way, a charity fashion show with proceeds going to the Middle Way House to benefit women and children who have been victim to domestic violence. The event was a success with over 200 in attendance and over $1,000 raised. The theme of the show was “New Beginnings” which was translated into the springtime fashions, hair and make-up seen on the high school models. Mira provided hair and make-up for all 28 models—thank you Mira stylists for your hard work and dedication!

Watch the models get transformed and strut their stuff on the runway!

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Mira Education – Color Math

10 Apr

Several Mira stylists recently took Color Math at Mira taught by Wella Professionals’ Cindy Menges.

What is color math? Color math is a formulation process based upon the three primary colors and the three secondary colors which all hair tones are comprised from. A stylist determines how to pair these colors in order to compliment a person’s hair tones by accentuating or diminishing the tones based upon the desired outcome.

The class was challenging but very rewarding as the stylists worked together to discuss formulations by dissecting hair color into the six primary and secondary colors.

Behold the power of color!

Mira Education – Self Defense

10 Apr

Recently, several Mira staff participated in a self defense class where they learned and practiced how to respond if they are confronted by a dangerous situation.

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The Basic Pilates Mat

5 Apr

Here are 8 Pilates exercises to get you started on the road to lean and strong muscles!

The Hundred – Lie on you back; bring your knees to your chest; slowly extend your legs towards the ceiling; lift your head and with your arms reaching long, pump them while breathing (through your nose), in for 5 counts and out for 5 counts. Repeat this 10 times.

The Hundred

The Roll Up – Make your body is as long as possible by lying on back, with your arms and feet stretched out as far as possible; slowly raise your arms to the ceiling; bring your head between your arms and roll up one vertebra at a time and stretch long over your legs; roll back down; inhale as you roll up; exhale over your legs; inhale as you roll back, and exhale as you reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times.

The Roll Up

Leg Circles – Begin by lying on your back; bend one knee into your chest and extend it towards the ceiling; bonus: you can reach up toward your ankle and give yourself a stretch; keeping your powerhouse (core muscles) engaged and anchored into the mat, make small circles with your leg. Complete 5 circles each way, change legs, and repeat. Afterwards, slowly roll up to a sitting position.

Leg Circles

Single Bent Leg Stretch – Begin by lying on your back and bend both knees into your chest; extend your right leg towards the ceiling; lift your head and place your left hand on your left knee and right hand on your left ankle; gently pull twice on your left leg; change and extend your left leg towards the ceiling; place you right hand on your right knee and left hand on your right ankle; gently pull twice on your right leg. Repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times on each leg.

Single Bent Leg Stretch

Double Bent Leg – Begin by lying on your back and bend both knees into your chest; lift your head and place your hands on your ankles; inhale as you bring your legs and arms towards the ceiling; hold your breath and open your arms to a T; exhale as you bend your knees and reach your hands to your ankles. Repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times.

Double Bent Leg

Single Straight Leg Stretch – Begin by lying on your back with your legs towards the ceiling; lift your head and place your hands on your left ankle; gently pull your left leg towards you twice while lowering your right leg away towards the floor; switch legs and pull your right leg. Complete this exercise 8 to 10 times on each leg.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Double Straight Leg Stretch – Lie on your back with your legs to the ceiling; lift your head and place your hands one on top of the other at the nape of your neck; zip your legs together while engaging your powerhouse and lower your legs away from you; do not go any further than you can while keeping your back against the mat. 8 to 10 times each leg.

Double Straight Leg Stretch

Criss Cross – Lie on your back and bend both knees into your chest; place your hands behind your neck one on top of the other; lift your head and shoulders off of the mat; take your left elbow to your right knee and hold for three counts; lift up to center and change taking your right elbow to your left knee; hold for three counts. Repeat this exercise for 1 to 3 sets.

Criss Cross

Want to learn more? Check out the Brooke Siler’s book entitled The Pilates Body

Written by Mira Stylists Hannah Blackwell and Nicole Fetsis