An Alternative to Brazilian Blowouts from Bumble and bumble

28 Feb

For the past year, Brazilian Blowout, a keratin straightening process, has faced controversy over the FDA’s discovery that it contains dangerous levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.  The investigation was initiated after an Oregon salon reported that their stylists and clients had suffered nausea, headaches and respiratory ailments while using the product.

The L.A. based company, whose label reads, “formaldehyde-free”, denied the accusations.  But toxic it was. Brazilian Blowout was found to contain between 8.7% and 10.4% formaldehyde, a percentage far greater than .02%, which is considered safe for consumers.  These findings prompted several countries to ban the use of Brazilian Blowout altogether and though it remained legal in the U.S., many salons pulled the product from their service menus.

This past week, California’s Attorney General settled a lawsuit, fining the company several hundred thousand dollars and requiring that labeling accurately represent the products contents and ‘give consumers fair notice about the health risks associated with use of the product.’ A cloud of formaldehyde filled vapors is released into the air during the blow-drying and flat ironing process posing a health risk to all who are exposed.

Salons choosing to discontinue use of the product faced the difficult task of finding alternatives. Brazilian Blowout soared to popularity simply because… it worked. According to Mira Salon and Spa stylists, clients enjoyed their pin-straight, smooth hair for up to 90 days and the process required fewer steps than other straighteners while, ironically, having less odor.

Bumble and bumble rallied to revive the market with a new product called Concen-Straight, now available at Mira. The product boasts safe and effective results from its “gentle yet potent, single-use straightener.”  In combination with the proper styling tools, Concen-Straight “smoothes hair for manageability and frizz reduction for up to 30 shampoos,” according to Bumble’s webpage.

While Bumble offers the product for at-home use, clients can opt for an in-salon application that offers more effective results with the proper at-home care. Mira has now booked several Concen-Straight appointments and clients are thrilled with the results.

“I have gotten relaxers for a long time,” says one Mira client, “but, I had been searching for an alternative. I noticed that the Concen-Straight treatment helps to smooth my tresses and makes my hair very soft and shiny. I like the fact that the treatment does not completely alter the bonds in my hair, rendering it lifeless and damaged. Instead, Concen-Straight softens my hair, allowing for a greater ease in styling my hair. A special thanks to Kate and Ashley, you rock!”

A salon treatment of Concen-Straight will transform your hair from curly, thick, coarse, or frizzy, (or all of the above) to smooth, soft and manageable without harmful chemicals. Concen-Straight is formaldehyde free, cysteine free and lye free.


-Written by Ann, Mira Stylist Assistant


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